Light’s complex symphony

Light’s complex symphony exhibition will be hosted by DIGITAL:CANVAS, a young art center from Timișoara, Romania. It will be a continuation of my work based on light installations and enviromental light compositions.


Formă și Distanță

With the experience I’ve already acumulated from the Nostalgia exhibition, I’ve decided on creating and organizing my own event. Planned for next week, it will take place at H33 social innovation hub in Cluj-Napoca and it will have as main interest the stimulation of the human senses.


O dan Ysbryd

O dan Ysbryd was my first performance done in Germany. It involved a sound and light installation, storytelling and Hang playing.


Bella Martha

My first solo exhibition at Bella Martha was a complete success. The exhibition will be up for another two weeks, so don’t miss your chance. You can find more information on their website. Special thanks to Martina Türschmann, Claudia Hassel, Sabine Hufschlag, Marie-Christine Federle and Christina Kuehn.


The Kunstart Exhibition

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the François Schneider Foundation for the admirable organization and dedication to the project. It offered us a wonderful and professional experience during the whole event.


The ”Kunstart” Price award

My many thanks to the François Schneider Foundation for giving me the oportunity to participate to their Kunstart competition’s first edition. I also thank the official jury for selecting my installation as one of the nine winners. It will be exhibited with the other projects at the Foundation this September. The featured image is one of my older paintings that will be used as an inspiration.

For the official press release document please click here and for the official site of the Foundation here.




The ”Je peux te voir en peinture” exhibition

From the 14th of April to the 28th of May I will be presenting one of my recent red color paintings in a group exhibition at Le Séchoir. Le Séchoir is a growing art center situated in Mulhouse, France and this would be our second collaboration.

To see the official Facebook post please click on the link here or here for their website post.