“Pulse” is a light installation that I proposed for the exhibition “Taped”. It presents a room that is vibrantly illuminated by two communicating led strips, continued by the black tape which is prolonging its existence and thus, visibly completing an imperfect circle. The light belonging to the musical colourful section of the installation is shining in a pulsating manner, almost breathing, giving it a threedimensional atribute and allowing the viewer to directly interact with it.


Light Revival 1&2

The two works are the first physical presence of my collaboration with Prof. Dr. Eiichi Tosaki. They have been shown at the Residence of Princess Ljubica Museum together with some of his drawings during the SmartART conference in Belgrade.
For this collaboration, I have focused on transforming his bidimensional Bimanual Coordination Drawings into light works that are showing a specific interactive tridimensionality.



This is my second time working together with the Artists Association of Oradea and I finally managed to propose a light installation. B#B is still tied to music and it throws a slightly ironic shaddow over the title of the exhibtion. Taking the planet and the artist (the human) as main protagonists, the focus is mostly on the broken relationship that could exist between the two of them.

Nevertheless, It is an installation that speaks loudly for itself, supporting the space and emerging a craving for a second, further look.


Complexul Penelopei

Complexul Penelopei (Penelope’s Complex) is my most ambitious project so far, both in technique and size. It reunites my work in tapestry, light and sound; sound based on my hang-playing recordings…

Based on its octogonal/circular shape, I decided that the Digital:Cavas space would suit it perfectly. A cosy small white space cube-like gallery would do nothig less than mark its presence and enhance its colours under a clear ambiental blue light and hang dulcet sounds.


Sound Painting 48cHz in Grey and Gold

Being invited to ART SAFARI-Pavilionul Supercontemporan: Young Blood by Mihai Zgondoiu was a privilege nonetheless and I believe it to be an experience never to forget.

Plus, I got to exhibit with Nicolae Tonitza…in a way.


Deiwos’ Genesis72

Deiwos’ Genesis72 will be the first video art I’ve ever presented in a gallery. For a couple of years now, I’ve been wanting to expand my creation more towards story-telling and this is an opportunity to create something exciting, a follow up on what I’ve already done with O dan Ysbryd.

I also wish to thank the Artists Association of Oradea for inviting me to exhibit with them and ofering me the chance to experiment with a great gallery space.


L’Atelier: Mes enregistrements sonores

At the beginning of the year, I was asked to recreate my own workshop inside the walls of L’Atelier, exhibition space belonging to the Intact Foundation (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), mixed with an on-spot demonstration performance of my sound painting technique.

With much enthusiasm, we are inviting you all to the celebration of two years of Centrul de Interes galleries this june the 20th and to take part of the long-waited performance.


Éclairage et Forme

This exhibition was an opportunity given by the French Institut of Cluj-Napoca, which decided to integrate my proposition into their annual agenda. I also had the pleasure of sharing the exhibition place with the sculptor Elena Ilash.

During its first week, the exhibition was also integrated into the local Night of the Museums, successfully reaching over 600 visitors.


Light’s complex symphony

Light’s complex symphony exhibition will be hosted by DIGITAL:CANVAS, a young art center from Timișoara, Romania. It will be a continuation of my work based on light installations and enviromental light compositions.


Formă și Distanță

With the experience I’ve already acumulated from the Nostalgia exhibition, I’ve decided on creating and organizing my own event. Planned for next week, it will take place at H33 social innovation hub in Cluj-Napoca and it will have as main interest the stimulation of the human senses.