This is my second time working together with the Artists Association of Oradea and I finally managed to propose a light installation. B#B is still tied to music and it throws a slightly ironic shaddow over the title of the exhibtion. Taking the planet and the artist (the human) as main protagonists, the focus is mostly on the broken relationship that could exist between the two of them.

Nevertheless, It is an installation that speaks loudly for itself, supporting the space and emerging a craving for a second, further look.


Deiwos’ Genesis72

Deiwos’ Genesis72 will be the first video art I’ve ever presented in a gallery. For a couple of years now, I’ve been wanting to expand my creation more towards story-telling and this is an opportunity to create something exciting, a follow up on what I’ve already done with O dan Ysbryd.

I also wish to thank the Artists Association of Oradea for inviting me to exhibit with them and ofering me the chance to experiment with a great gallery space.