Light Revival 1&2

The two works are the first physical presence of my collaboration with Prof. Dr. Eiichi Tosaki. They have been shown at the Residence of Princess Ljubica Museum together with some of his drawings during the SmartART conference in Belgrade.
For this collaboration, I have focused on transforming his bidimensional Bimanual Coordination Drawings into light works that are showing a specific interactive tridimensionality.


Complexul Penelopei

Complexul Penelopei (Penelope’s Complex) is my most ambitious project so far, both in technique and size. It reunites my work in tapestry, light and sound; sound based on my hang-playing recordings…

Based on its octogonal/circular shape, I decided that the Digital:Cavas space would suit it perfectly. A cosy small white space cube-like gallery would do nothig less than mark its presence and enhance its colours under a clear ambiental blue light and hang dulcet sounds.


Light’s complex symphony

Light’s complex symphony exhibition will be hosted by DIGITAL:CANVAS, a young art center from Timișoara, Romania. It will be a continuation of my work based on light installations and enviromental light compositions.